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  • Orcora is now Appniacs!

    Orcora is now Appniacs!
    Alas! Welcome to our new website!. Not only have we rebuilt our website, we have also rebranded ourselves has Appniacs!. Formerly Orcora, we decided to re-position ourselves to focusing much more on mobile app development for the iOS and Android platform. With the growing trend and demand for mobile based applications from our customers, we determined that we would more natural realign our development efforts with our customers' needs. What does all this mean you may ask? We will still continue to offer our wide variety of application development and hosting services and support as we have done in the passed. Our dedication to our customers will continue as we did in the past as well. We'll then what's new? our name has changed. Orcora has now become Appniacs and our website is now www.appniacs.com. We have began shifting all our references to the name Orcora and Orcora.com to Appniacs and Appniacs.com.